The Oregon Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association has received reports of ICE enforcement activity in Oregon and Southwest Washington. AILA reached out to the local ICE office to inquire whether ICE has conducted any raids in Tigard or road checkpoints in North Portland. ICE advised that it does not do checkpoints and has not conducted any raids. ICE confirmed that they did arrest two individuals in the Tigard area as a part of their normal enforcement activities.

ICE previously confirmed their agents were identifying and arresting individuals inside courthouses in recent past, but this appears to have stopped in response to media attention and the courts’ concerns about public’s access to the state justice system.

AILA is concerned that the new Executive Order designates virtually every undocumented person as priority for ICE enforcement. This has caused fear in the immigrant community, which in turn is eroding the relationships of trust between immigrants and law enforcement. For information about your legal rights see